BTSL Training and consulting is a professional entity offering further education training and skills development.

BTSL is an equil employer and offers internships to students in the respective fields.

BTSL was established with the intention of offering clients professional multi –disciplinary education, skills development in all training fields.

BTSL Training & Consulting

BTSL is an accredited service provider working with public sector organizations, parastatals, government departments and municipalities.

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BTSL Programs have proved to be addressing a critical need and are extremely popular.

In fact there is now a need for us to provide train and trainer programs, so that municipalities can train their staff and management in project and contract management.

BTSL will intend to also offer trainer programs that will enable municipalities to become self-sufficient in this crucial area of service delivery.

Our company only uses qualified assessors, facilitators, moderators and Occupational Health and Safety Practitioners

In order to meet with the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA) of 1993 requirements. Having the experience, we are able to provide quality service to our clients. Our team members come with vast experiences gained through years of working. 


BTSL Training & Consulting provides CETA and TETA accredited Health and Safety training in a variety of fields. Successful candidates receive certificates indicating credits as well as NQF levels.


BTSL Training & Consulting helps you with Legal Compliance by doing on-site Health and Safety audits.  Final reports and recommendations are then presented to company management.


btsl Training & Consulting has a passion for Occupational Health and Safety. We consult on all Health and Safety matters, including Health and Safety Documentation, Inspections, Checklists, Incident / Accident Investigations, Audits, Leading Indicators, Committee Meetings, Health and Safety Statistics and Monthly Reports.

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Professional entity offering further education training and skills development

BTSL Training & Consulting offers you Health & Safety expertise from a variety of industries.

We offer a complete Health & Safety service to manage Health & Safety on your behalf. This service includes documentation as requested, inspections, audits, checklists, committee meetings, incident / accident investigation to determine root causes, Health & Safety stats and monthly reports to management. We present competency based training. The organisation holds TETA, CETA and HWSETA accreditation. Training is aligned with SAQA Unit Standard requirements.