This arm of BTSL Group is responsible for all the transport/warehousing and logistics of the group and its customers.

Our understanding of both the petroleum and transport industry gives us the leading edge over our competitors.

This undertaking insures that goods are transported timeously safely and cost effective.

BTSL Logistics

We have a fleet which is able to cater to all your transport needs

Since we are involved in every step from collection to warehousing to dispatch we can offer you unmatchable service at a competitive price.

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We are a Level 1 B-BBEE Company that negotiates favorable rates with large industry players that we are contracted to.

We believe in exceeding our customers’ expectations in every aspect of business.

Freight Management

With years of expertise and hard earned insights, we expertly manage the movement of goods on behalf of our clients – between specified sources and destinations – skillfully navigating different transportation modes (air, rail, river, road and ocean) and utilizing a range of transportation types.

Contract Logistics

In order to reduce your time-to-market, improve customer service and mitigate risk we work in partnership with you as our clients to integrate logistics functions which  include warehousing, distribution and synchronization management into your end-to-end supply chain. When the outsource relationship is at the height of its maturity, we act as the Lead Logistics Provider (LLP) – managing multiple supply chain functions on our clients’ behalf.

Market Access

BTSL Logistics takes ownership of product inventory to provide our clients with unparalleled access to their end-consumers through an integrated logistics and sales service. Leveraging sourcing, warehousing, distribution, synchronization and transportation management as enablers.

Delivering Service Beyond Expectation

With the leading edge over petroleum and transport competitors

We can offer you unmatchable service at a competitive price!

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